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Here Are Some Case Studies From Our Clients

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She paid off $110,000 in Naturopathic college debt in 10 months and is doing XXXX in her online practice now.

When Dr. MacPherson started working with us her monthly revenue goal was $5,000 and could barely say it out loud. Now she’s having XXX months consistently while working less than 20 hours a week in her online practice. 

Lori B sells a $6,000 program! 

She started out having a $7,000 month which gave her the confidence to sell her $6,000 program.

Dana Kay started with 80 people on her email list and no program and is now having consistent multi 5-figure months helping dozens of parents whose child has ADHD. 

Dr. Duncan transitioned her Naturopathic practice online, hit $10,000 and on track to make $15,000. The BEST part is that her signature program fusion offer works… She helped her patients get pregnant!

I’m not promoting the bare minimum but this is what happens when you have your online business and marketing machine setup 

6 sales at $2,300 in a very niche market 

Dr. Boulanger took two weeks vacation and made $14K in a ‘slow month’ 

Shannon made $10,000 within months of starting to work with us and can now plan for her future and contribute to her household

From scared to turn FB ads on to getting replies from her ideal client

Caitlin is focused and on track 

Not sure you can do it with kids and a 
full-time job? 

What if nobody buys? Everyone starts at zero 

4 calls and 4 sales 

Registered Dietitian Hannah was scared to post a picture of herself and is now having 5-figure months 

Where will you be in 3 months from now? 

Struggled for 2 years and made $10,000 within months of working with us

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$150 from monthly sales goal 

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